Divorce vs. Dissolution

What is the difference between a divorce and dissolution in Canton Ohio?

Marriage may be ended either by divorce or by dissolution in the state of Ohio. A divorce normally requires a statutory fault from either one of the partners that are in the marriage. The list includes extreme cruelty, gross neglect of duty, imprisonment in a state or federal prison, habitual drunkenness, adultery, or voluntarily living separate and apart for over one year.

A marriage can also be terminated by dissolution. The parties must agree on all issues, custody, support and division of all assets and debts. The required documents are then prepared, signed and filed with the court. A short hearing is held within 6 weeks before the court. If the court agrees that the prepared documents are fair and equitable the dissolution is granted.

The advantages of a dissolution is that normally it does not take as long as the divorce proceeding. Since the resolution of the issues has been by agreement rather than contested through a divorce proceeding, it is normally less expensive.